Let’s Talk About Social Impact



Case Study - Let’s Talk About Social Impact

On July 3, 2019 we held an award-winning event called “Let’s Talk About Social Impact!” at Dojo Bali Coworking where we brought together more than fifty socially-conscious nomads, expats, and locals to discuss how best to give back to the local community. Inspiring leaders from local organizations Ocean Mimic, Stella’s Child, and Five Pillar Foundation were in attendance to talk about their mission and the challenges they face. Topics included sustainable travel, how to have more meaningful, authentic experiences, and how to contribute. 

Attendees shared causes most meaningful to them--from environmental to education--then made plans to mobilize their collective power to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. This included volunteering their skills to local not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises, business mentorship, teaching and web development. Ultimately ,Nomads Giving Back! connected these people to the local organizations and inspired them to get more involved in the community. 

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