Nomads Giving Back! Case Studies

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Let’s Talk About Social Impact!

On July 3, 2019 we held an award-winning event called “Let’s Talk About Social Impact!” at Dojo Bali Co-working where we brought together more than fifty socially-conscious nomads, expats, and locals to discuss how …


Let’s Support a Local Business!

As part of our mission to connect locals and expats to the local community, we held an event to support Warung Stories Beach Bar, a local, social-missioned eatery. This establishment, owned by a warm-hearted…

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Volunteer Language Skills Camp

We teamed up with GLOT, the University of Antioquia and Alcaldía de Medellín for our first-ever language skills camp! The purpose of the three-day program was for nomads to share their language skills with teens…